Come in Autumn when the crowds are less

Les Voiles de St Tropez - Big Sailing yachts from across the globe spend a week sailing from St Tropez (Last Week in September)

The Ste Maxime Free flight Weekend - Aerobatics from the beach

The Braderies of St Tropez - Bargains to be had as the shops sell their summer stock (Last week in October)

Multiple running events  (i.e. La Maxemoise last week in October)

Ste Maxime Free flight... This is a fantastic weekend where the French Aerobatic team and lots of other aeroplanes visit Ste Maxime for the weekend. Usually happens in middle of October i.e. in 2017 it was on weekend of 14th /15th Oct.

Halloween 31st October. This is a big event in plan with a haunted house, special menus' at all the restaurants and hundreds of kids running around dressed up for the occasion

Toussaint 1st November

The ROC d'azur for Mountain bikers