Hill Walking - The Hill of Saint Peire

If you leave the apartment and turn left. Straight in front of you is a nice hill of about 500M with an antennae on the top of it. It's a nice walk to the top of this which I make a point of doing it every year I am there and it never ceases to be interesting.

The Hill of Sainte Peire

The Hill of Sainte Peire

The Route in Detail

Turn right at the Pizza Diabolik as if leaving the village

Walk to the roundabout and turn right at the ruins of the church

Follow the main road past the new houses on the right until you get to the town water supply/pumping station.

Cross the footbridge (watch out for the horses/donkeys/pigs) in the farm on the right hand side.

You are following the Yellow markers for a well known local walk for a while until they veer to the right through the vines.. At this stage you keen going straight on.

It gets a little steep and you pass the last remaining houses before getting to the base of the hill itself.

You will pass the hunters hut (La chasse = the hunt) with the BBQ where the occasional wild boar (Sanglier) is roasted.

Keep going past the sign for the hill which tells you that in times when there is a high risk of a forest fire that the path is closed.

San Peire - Warning sign

San Peire - Warning sign

A little further up the hill you pass a tank full of water for the fire brigade - stay on the main path

Later you pass a second pair of Water tanks. The road swings to the right here as you get close to the summit. There is a barrier which is normally open.

Water Tanks.....turn right here!

Water Tanks.....turn right here!

Some years I have walked it just after heavy rain and you may get your feet wet. More often it is in the summer and I try and walk it early in the day before it gets too hot.

The views from the top of the gulf of St Tropez and down to Plan de la Tour  are brilliant and a great chance to take a panoramic photo with your camera or phone.

On they way up you may encounter some massive lizards, tortoises,butterflies or if you are lucky you may see a wild boar (Sanglier) which unfortunately are hunted by the locals in season.

You will definitely see some impressive houses, some wild guard dogs and the occasional hunter.

Most years I meet a goat herder on the hill. He tends his flock, reads his book and bothers no-one.  You can buy the creamy goats cheese from his goats in the local market on a Thursday morning. The walk up takes about an hour and a half and the way down is a lot quicker.

I found this lady at the top of the hill/Mountain...

I found this lady at the top of the hill/Mountain...

Wear decent shoes, bring a bottle of water and fully charged mobile phone with you and its only fair to say that you do need a basic level of fitness to do this. Don't try and do it in the midday heat.. an early morning start is better. allow two hours for the trip if you are reasonably fit and longer if not.

Update June 2016

This is a picture from the local newsletter of the Goad herder and his goats

Finally, the last time I walked it I was interested to see this sign on someones gate.....Apparently it means that the guard dog living here is both mean and clever!...Luckily he wasn't around that day..