Life's a Beach

One of the challenges we face every year we come to Plan is picking a beach for a day out.....

Here is a quick summary of what we have found so far. I hope to update this article over time as I get a chance to add more details and photographs.

Nearest decent beach  - Ste Maxime   Plage du Centre Ville

This beach is just 10 minutes away and is hard to beat.  Plenty of parking nearby. Public toilets in the tourist office, loads of restaurants nearby and a mini supermarket just a few metres away. Lifeguard in the summer nice view across to St Tropez.  Plenty of options for lunch,,,,,,cheap option from the local market shops or posh from one of the beach clubs. Whats not to like!!

Over the years I have realised that this beach has a Micro climate so that even when the Mistral is blowing cold in the hills this beach will be warm and have no wind.

If in doubt have a look at the webcam on the Ste Maxime website before you head off.

Next Nearest Beach - La Nartelle -  20 mins away

This is an excellent beach. not far away at all with free parking if you are there early]La Nartelle is divided into different sections and last time we went to la nartelle Nord which is slightly away from the centre and therefore a little quieter etc.


Busy Beach....Port Grimaud..10Km Away

This beach is opposite the biggest campsite in the is very lively with lots of water based activities. Plenty of bars overlooking the beach including a rooftop cocktail bar in the campsite. what I like about this beach is the super view of the bay of St Tropez. Except plenty of families from all over Europe. Parking is not cheap but you can hop into Port Grimaud for the local market, the famous Monroes Pub or a wide range of restaurants.


Quiet and lazy Les Calaniques

This beach is on the road north to Frejus.  Its very quiet with just one beach bar. Its very peaceful with a great view on a fine day, very sheltered. Parking is a little tricky. There is a supermarket across the road


Taking the Ferry to St Tropez...Gimme a beach

For a great day out.. Take the Bateaux Vert to St Tropez from Ste Maxime. when you get to St Tropez follow the coast line through the port, through the really interesting graveyard under the citadel and keep going around the corner.. There is a beautiful beach there. One idea is to buy a baguette and maybe a bottle of rose in a shop in Ste Tropez for a picnic on the beach.



Glamour and Glitz - Pampleonne

This is where the great and the good go. Has to be done just for one day at least, 

Parking will cost a little.. Visit one of the clubs for a drink.. Lunch would cost a small fortune!!!

Lots of very good looking young ladies hanging out with "elder" men dangling their yacht keys!!

if you have a lot of money to spare then head for one of the private clubs for the afternoon. See below for Tripadvisor's view.

A bit of a trek but worth it! - L'escalet

Take the mountain road from Plan to La Foux and then head for Ramatuelle.



Lovely little van selling sandwiches panini and a great blog of chips just around the corner

Not much happening on this beach but nice and charming none the less



La Plage du debarquement

This beach is really fantastic.   Long, soft sand, sheltered. just past La Croix Valmer.  It stretches all the way to Calavaire


It has a jetty and great views also.