Les Voiles de St Tropez

If you are lucky enough to be near St Tropez for the last weekend in September then you can't miss Les voiles de St Tropez. This is a massive week where sailors from all over the world descend on St Tropez. Every day (Weather permitting) there are sailing competitions and the leaving of the port and the return to port in the evening are sights to behold.

All day news helicopters hover over the bay and anyone can take a trip in the middle of the boats on the Bateaux verts.

The quays are packed with everyone watching the Sailing ships arrive and depart. The crews party late and there is something to see at every turn.

Parking is a challenge so take the bateaux verts from Ste Maxime if you can.

If you are a photographer some of the images you will capture will be impressive. Here's a few of mine below