Winter Visit 2016

We've just returned from a week in Plan. This was the latest we have been there and coincided luckily with an Indian Summer where we got sunshine every day for a week. We were at the beach a few times where there were people sunbathing and even the occasional swimmer. I don't think this is "typical" weather for November but it was a pleasant surprise.

The whole area is a lot quieter. Some restaurants are taking a well deserved winter break after the long summer season. Parking is much easier to get in the towns and is free in Ste Maxime from 1st November to the end of March.

The early mornings were crisp and when I went for my usual  jog around the local fields there were some spectacular views like this one below.

The vines are bare, turning brown and the schools are closed for Mid Term.

Halloween on the 31st of October is a relatively new festival in France but was very lively in the village with hundreds of people dressed up. There were various "Witches Coverns" and haunted houses set up around the village and al the local shop keepers were giving sweets and treats to the children many of whom were "en famille" with the parents also in fancy dress,

The restaurants has special Halloween menus and it was really lively

Local Restaurant getting into the Halloween spirit!

Local Restaurant getting into the Halloween spirit!

The 1st of November is the feast of All saints or "Toussaint" where everyone visits the graves of their deceased relatives and Friends. Bunches of Chrysanthemums are on sale everywhere.

Back at the aparmtment we did a little painting and decorating moving from a blue theme to a grey theme in the bedroom where we also replaced the mattress with a new memory foam model.

All in all this is a great time of the year to visit.