Les Copains D'abord

In Plan there is a lovely restaurant in the square called "Le Temps du Copains". This means "time for friends" and when I did a bit of research it turns out that it is the name of a famous French TV series from the 60's . It involves 3 people who move into an apartment together in Paris. (Very similar to the recent American TV Series "Friends". In this restaurant They have Chicken or prawns on a fancy hanging stand thingie and great burgers (the Savoyard is an excellent cheeseburger!).

Regularly they have a sing along on a Friday night. The owner Maguy is an lively and entertaining hostess. It is a musically themed restaurants with old Lp records as tablets. the walls are adorned with music memorabilia and a visit to the toilets is memorable!

See Wikipedia for the the background to the TV Series


So on a visit there recently with some friends I enquired if the restaurant was named after the TV Series.  I was told No.. it was named after a famous french song called "Copains D'abord" which means friends first by George Brassens who wrote it in 1964.

There is a great video of this song on youtube.


This is a song all about the importance of friendship and the lyrics here in English and French will give you an idea.


This verse stands out for me.

C'étaient pas des anges non plus,
L'Evangile, ils l'avaient pas lu,
Mais ils s'aimaient tout's voil's dehors,
Tout's voil's dehors,
Jean, Pierre, Paul et compagnie,
C'était leur seule litanie
Leur Credo, leur Confitéor,
Aux copains d'abord.They weren't angels either,

They hadn't managed to get round to reading the gospel,
But in friendship they sailed towards each other in full rigging,
In full rigging.
Jean, Pierre, Paul and the rest,
And this was their only Litany,
Their Credo and their Confiteor,
Friends first of all.

That night in the restaurant Maguy brought out a kind gentleman to sing the song for us. I do not know if he was her partner or her chef or both but that's for another day.


He sang the song brilliantly.

On the way home later, after a few glasses of wine and feeling pretty satisfied with myself  I passed the Boules grounds and there on the wall at the side of the clubhouse was a small plaque and written on it was..  "Les copains d'abord" so I conclude that this is both a song and a phrase well known to many in these parts!!