The battle of the Pizza

So you visit Plan de La Tour regularly. Maybe you fall just a little in love with the place, all its quirks and craziness, the village, the people the food, the wine, the weather everything that makes one place stand out from the ordinary.

However, and despite your best efforts you will soon be faced with a dilemma. Which Pizza is the best?

So far I have tried 4. There are more I know (the mysterious black smoke van in the car part of the Supermarche in Ste Maxime for one...)

Here's my quick rating on the 4 I have tried] (first 2 to start other 2 to add later,)

1. Pizza Pierrot

This has to be my all time favourite. Located right in the village there are just 3 highly sought tables inside. Outside there are 7 or 8 more (Heaven in Summer.Spring,Autumn Chilly otherwise). The proprietor (Pierrot)  loves his wood fired oven and produces exceptional pizza. I've tried everything on the menu here including the excellent Lasagne but for me the Pizza au Saumon which is made with Creme Fraiche really stands out. Tips for here include not arriving too late. (It closes around 10) Try and avoid peak hours if you arena a hurry and the local Rose in a carafe is great value. Like in many Pizzerias don't bother with the desserts.

This is their website with the full menu.

2. Pizza Diabolik

This is a relatively new arrival to Plan de la Tour and is located on the main entrance to the village from Ste Maxime. They have a wide ranging menu and include a free drink with every Pizza. The staff are very friendly and the large pizza is very big!. The base is a lot thicker than in Pizza Pierrot which you may or may not like. In the summer they have a rotisserie and you can eat in or take away.